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Present as one of the latest public media, the existence of television as a medium for delivering public information is indeed very large contribution, especially in presenting an up-to-date information space facility that is being and will be circulating in the midst of society. Included in this is the media facility online tv as a place to make it the best facility for the public in following all the news stories currently circulating.

And the facility seems to be a definite deposit for today's online players, especially for online TV providers through various enrichment of its supporting media. Call it through a special online streaming TV service which is one of the many public services that are in great interest and in enjoyed by all circles, for that it is not surprising that the emergence of television stations in Indonesia in particular is proof that the public is increasingly in need of the media today. .

As one of them was developed by several Indonesian national television stations starting from RCTI, SCTV, TV ONE, INDOSIAR, ANTV, TRANS 7, TRANS TV, METRO TV, NET TV, TVRI and there are many other conventional stations that are made by the public as a container in getting the latest and updated news that is currently circulating widely in the midst of society from all aspects and aspects of everyday life.

Both from the education program, sports facilities, education, entertainment, including all the things that are needed by all people, so that it is not possible for the future to be developed further what has become public needs, especially in providing a service specifically through the media online streaming tv online as the main access. Everything has been packaged straightforwardly through this BIZARTV.COM website on every day and on the clock.